Aluminium & Glass Garage Doors


Iskhondo's aluminium and glass garage doors can adorn your driveway creating that first important impression of your home. Each design is carefully selected to compliment the look of your property and make that statement of a lifetime. Coming in different sizes and designs Iskhondo manufactures anything that will suit your taste or specifications.

We manufacture these following designs and sizes:

Double - 4880mm x 2170mm

Single - 2500mm x 2170mm

Custom sizes are manufactured upon request.


ALU Flash GD 1

ALU Flash GD 2

ALU Flash GD 3

ALU Flash GD 4

ALU Flash GD 5

ALU 20 Panel GD

ALU Horizontal Slatted GD

ALU 10 Panel GD

ALU 15CS Panel GD

ALU 15CL Panel GD