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                                    who is iskhondo?
Iskhondo  strive to make awareness of the vast differences existing in quality and services available in the market today. We hope to make customers mindful that good quality and service are of the utmost importance when making a purchase. We are renowned for our expertise as a manufacturer and supplier of quality aluminium products. Iskhondo have evolved as a manufacturer supplying residential and commercial aluminium products. All our products are fabricated to your specification, and we provide support every step of the process, from quote through to delivery. Competitively priced, each order is confirmed with a reliable lead time so you can schedule your installation with confidence.


Through investment and innovation, we offer the latest energy-saving, high performance and quality windows and doors. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the market and as such, commit to research and development with our supply partners.

"The quality of their work is excellent and they love their work. Iskhondo's prices are very reasonable and I can recommend them to anyone."
                       ***** Derick Sewnarian - Happy Client

"I would recommend these guys highly, the manager was always on site and their charges are competitive. The quality of their work is fantastic, they are professional and reliable. I am happy with their work."

                          **** Dintle - Happy client

"These guys are knowledgeable about their work. The manager worked with his team supervising making sure they are doing the right thing. The doors are very beautiful. Their charges are affordable as well. I highly recommend them seriously."

                          *****  Leon Van Der Valt - Happy client
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